Our Activities

In our early years, the KIVIE team cut their teeth on meeting the demanding, product-sensitive deadline of the poultry industry. Additionally, we've worked extensively with the Nation's largest foodstuff companies delivering a vast array of products ranging from Seafood and Confectionary Freight to beverage and soft drinks companies.

Our experience doesn't stop there. We've taken the same focus on reliability and applied it to our work with non-food customers, including large package delivery companies as well as the Nation's Oil and Gas service Industry.

We live by deadlines - 24/7

We exceed all expectations with consistent service and open communication
Kivie provide each customer with a single point of contact so you work with one professional assigned to your account who knows your business and specific transport requirement.
Our operations run 24/7 - so we're always on the job.


We provide primary cargo coverage, including Reefer breakdown on any cargo. You can always be confident that we'll take care of you and your goods.

List of Our Activities

Dependable Equipment

With our own maintenance facility on site at our HQ, we make sure  all our trucks are road-ready and in top shape. We personally monitor our fleets for upkeep and replacement, so you're spared of any concerns with equipment wear and tear.

Our product - Haulage experience.
Food and Beverage Experience
Construction Materials
Retail/ Consumer Products
Oil & Gas Service Tools
Refinery and Petrochemical Produce